Shamoya Kelly

Fashion for Us

Style is an important thing, it’s how you define yourself. It’s how we show who we are. Why be anything but stylish?
— Shamoya

Who am I?

Shamoya Kelly is a multi-talented and multi-faceted content creator and fashion curator. She's created a brand for herself through her signature photography, style, and personality. This site features it all. Be sure to check out her youtube channel for beauty and fashion tips alike and a little bit more about the actual individual behind it all.

The Idea

I kept seeing so many clothing items that I felt were "almost" there. I'm tall, I'm plus sized, and there's nothing really affordable online that's either my style or fits me well. I told myself that if I can't find it, I'd have to create a platform for it. I know there are more people like me. We need this. It's a simple as hats not being able to fit my head properly or pants that fit perfectly but are too short...even the pants that are the right length but doesn't fit anywhere else. I always questioned who these  clothes are for and why there can't be better. I refused to let that continue to be my, our struggle. Single-handedly, I curate my collection to bring you some of the best pieces I find all over the world. I make sure it's affordable and great quality.

Style & Quality

Simply put, I wear my these pieces. 

This line is for the unique soul who shines through their clothing and style. Remember, style is an important thing, it's how you define yourself. It's how we show who we are. Why be anything but stylish?


The site is continuously updated and growing. We offer new pieces as we find them and deem them worthy. Please support us as we expand. It takes time. -Shamoya-