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Summer 2017 Lookbook

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Good Morning and Happy Friday!!

Who's excited for summer?? Normally, not me but I'm actually excited this year because I learned how to dress for summer. Remaining cool whilst avoiding the chub rub and all the other things that come with existing during the summer.


I made a lookbook, you should totally check it out for some more fashion inspo. I'm listing where you can buy all the pieces featured in the video here.


Also, we'll be launching some more totally summer pieces on the website super soon. In the meantime, you can purchase all the sunglasses and some of the pieces here on the site. Please support us as we grow. In order for me to scope new pieces and add new inventory, we have to be making sales through the site.


If you're reading this, thanks for your ongoing support. We love and appreciate each one of you.


White Outfit:

Plaid Fade Outfit:

Floral Outfit:

Dark Plaid Outfit:


SK Launch

Shamoya KellyShamoya Bailey


It's Shamoya here!


 I'm so excited and so honoured, beyond belief, that I am 1. launching this website, and 2. being able to share this with you. It's been a long time coming and I thank you for your continued support. 

Launching this site, providing these items, has been a long time coming. I'm 5'11, pretty much 6' tall and I'm thick asf (aka plus sized) and I have always struggled with finding proper clothing for my body type. If the piece was the perfect length, it would be ill-fitting in other places or fit me like a GOD but then be short...I'd have to wear with leggings or boots. I'm tired of that. I shouldn't be subjected to that...also, I'm tired of the "plus size upcharge". It's just rude and disrespectful.

Since I can't fix the internet, I'll do what I can here. 

I can't say that this line is for everyone because it is very unique, but I'm doing my best to make it as inclusive as I can. My style is an extension of me that I get to show here and share with you.

Sourcing pieces takes time, I vet all the pieces and make sure I really like them before I even think about offering them. So bear with us as we're updating/adding items. Check back for new inventory and follow our IG @shopshamoyakelly.

Also!! Just a hint! Check the look-book page and check back here on the blog/youtube for new exclusive items that are on pre-order. You'll see some new pieces that have limited inventory. Getting the pre-sale ensures you get your hands on em!


Because I want to keep the gift giving going, I'm always offering discount codes, pre-release passwords, and sales that I announce via my social media and/or youtube.