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These are signs you're dealing with a real ass butt who doesn't have the right values you need in a relationship. I also made a video! #throwthewholemanaway

Trust me. Also you'll def want to watch the video.

1. He calls all his exes crazy. 

To him, it probably sounds like he's showing you that you're different and he likes you etc...blah blah blah but this is a red flag girl! Chances are they're not crazy, he probably did something to make them act "crazy" or he's still messing around with them and this is his way of keeping you away...😬 EITHER WAY #IssaNo



2. He calls all women Females and men Males.

He's literally reduced women, complex people, down to their most physical aspect, females. To him, he's probably going to generalize women and you'll hear him say something like Bitches be like, these hoes etc. and just on a note, this is where you empty the trash.



3. He disrespects his mother.

No explanation needed.


4. He never makes plans with you.

AKA he's not interested in you enough to care about putting his time and effort into you.


5. He never wants to be seen in public with you.

Oh, I'm just private about my life...boy bye. He's either ashamed to be with you -drop him- or he has other women that he's with and doesn't want to mess that up -drop him-


6. He still says bros before hoes.

He's still a child. Don't date a child.


7. He makes plans but blows you off CONSISTENTLY

This is the guy that will make plans with you and they're vague or way too specific and he blows you off every single time but replaces it with let's just hang out. Clear signs he's there for one thing and on thing only....and if that's what you want then cool. You two don't have to do this dance but if you're trying to be in a relationship..nah

8. He hits you up at like 9pm or 10pm

Too early for a booty call, too late for a date. Tryna netflix and chill ass. Lol nah especially if this a consistent thing


9. His phone is always going off and he's really secretive about it. 

What you hiding boo? Privacy is one thing but like if he's going out of his way to hide everything, isssssssssssa helll no and he says he's not hiding anything, that's just how he is..yea, okay



10. When he's making plans with you. He's not asking you out, it's really just a WYD? 

Find someone that makes plans with you, not someone who hits you up the day of and wants to hang out. He's showing that you're a convinence to him, not someone worth putting in the effort.


11. Common phrases to look out for

  • I can't believe you don't trust me.
  • You on your period?
  • Damn, without me tho?
  • What would you do if I were there?
  • I love you...but


12. If/When you argue, he never really tells you how he feels but rather what he thinks you want to hear.

You're not dealing with a grown man if he can't articulate his feelings and have a conversation with you, then grow from that. If he's still thinking that there are generic phrases he can say to appease you, he 1. thinks you're not worth the fight or 2. all women are the same and can be appeased by a set of phrases not by actions and actual change 

13. He's a momma's boy. 

His mom is literally a God in his eyes. Everything she says is right. Like every single motivation in his life is her. She is the reason for everything good, and may you be smighted if you ever dare say anything critical of her. He will literally shut you down w/o . hearing your side. 




14. He has no clear goals or ambitions.

The type of guy that literally coasting off of "I'm still young" and "I have time to figure it out"



15. He wants to be on your Social Media but never posts you on his.

See #5 he doesn't want to be seen with you

16. He thinks you look tired when/if you're not wearing makeup

UM. rude


17. Hits you with "You Up?" at like 2am

If he's not trying to talk with you about something, stay shleeeeep

18. Plays victim in all your arguments

Own up to what you've done and work on changing yourself. This is a classic #1

19. Anything along the lines of "I don't usually date girls like..." or "You're pretty for a ...."

This is especially a nod for all my darkskin girls, let him go! Especially is he's the same color/race that he's referring too. IF SOMEONE SAYS SOMETHING LIKE THIS, IDK IF YOU'RE NOT WHO HE'S DESCRIBING, LET HIM GO SIS. Trust. He's literally writing of an entire subset of people bc of his own messed up values. nO


20. He makes you feel like you own him something.

You don't.


Have you seen the video yet? I picked my favourite ones from this list and more then put them all in a video #ThrowTheWholeManAwaySis




Don't know if you're dealing with a f*ckboy? Sis, I got you.

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